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"Samantha Saldivar has been instrumental to me and my growth as a yoga instructor. She learns and teaches deeply and compassionately. I have benefited from her expansive understanding of restorative yoga and meditation. Sam gives me encouragement in my teaching journey, provides support and advice, and follow-up our calls with next step resources and materials. It’s like she gives me a fresh pair of wings each time we talk. Thank you for making me a part of your tribe, Sam!"


Marianne Hunter, Yoga Instructor

"Sam's passion for teaching is evident from the moment you step in the room. She leads with compassion, and her natural charisma makes you feel at ease. As focused as she is approachable and funny, she brings yoga down to earth and makes it easy to come to class, learn, grow, and connect with yourself."

Kevin Frazier, Yoga Instructor & Writer

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