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Samantha is a SoCal based Yoga Professional who leads & loves with her whole heart. A nurturer by nature, she was always drawn to the healing benefits of Restorative Yoga and has dedicated her career to helping others find their ease on the mat.

She has extensive experience as a Yoga Teacher and Manager, but her favorite role is as Teacher Trainer. Samantha believes in elevating the standards of the Yoga Industry through education and leadership.



Relaxing, Grounding, and Introspective Practices

Holding Space with Love & Leadership

Inspiring Teachers to Teach what Lights their Soul on Fire

Development & Facilitation of Teacher Trainings

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"I act as a guide for my students, navigating through and shedding the external “noise”, as they journey to their center. I have an extensive background and dedication to the craft of relaxation.

Leading with compassion and love, I use the tools I have learned through study and practice to first quiet the external noise and then guide them deeper into themselves."

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